Welcome To The All New Easy Cake Decorating Ideas

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Easy Cake Decorating Ideas

Easy Cake Decorating Ideas For Everyone

If you’re looking for some Easy Cake Decorating Ideas for a birthday cake, baby shower or bridal shower cake or even a wedding cake, you’ve come to the right place!

Baking cakes is already stressful enough for some of us, but then cake decorating is way more intimidating. You have to remember little things like flavors, textures and designs!

The very idea of messing up your cake decorations can be frightening if you don’t have much experience. But with some of the Easy Cake Decorating Ideas we’ll bring you, you’ll be on your way to creating your own sweet cake decorating masterpieces.

Haven’t we all sat through baby shower, bridal shower, office or birthday parties that featured a cheap grocery store bakery cake, thick with fatty white frosting, made with too much shortening, sugar and imitation white vanilla flavoring?

Some people may love the stuff, but many would rather have delicious cake with frosting that tastes as good as it looks. It actually is possible to decorate a cake so that it looks nice and tastes good, too.  It’s fun, and not as hard as it looks, to add some easy cake decorating techniques and come up with a dazzling, delicious cake.

Baby Shower Cake IdeasAn elegantly decorated cake can serve as the exclamation point to an important celebration. Decorating cakes is an art form.

To create just the right cake for any occasion you will need cake decorating supplies. These supplies, which include tools for cutting fondant and pastry bags for applying intricate icing patterns, are must-haves for all bakers, but they can be expensive.

Fancy bakery cakes with elaborate trims and pretty lettering look impressive, and you may be intimidated by the idea of making them yourself. But as with many things in life, the secret to cake decorating like a professional is having the right equipment, and practice, practice, practice.

The good news is, all the tools you need are readily available at your local crafts store, and many of the large discount stores carry basic cake decorating equipment in their craft aisles as well.  Want to save time?  Stroll the cake decorating supplies at the tabs at the top of each page.  I’ve scoured some of the very best online kitchen and cake decorating supply stores to bring you the coolest tips, tools, ideas and supplies.

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  1. The Wilton Cake Decorating books really are awesome! The hold a wealth of information. My cakes are far from professional and they certainly do not look professional, but I love making cakes for the special occasions in my family’s lives and they are kind enough to appreciate them. They even appreciate the mistakes I make and cover 🙂

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