Gum Paste

Gum Paste

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Gum PasteGum paste, or sugar paste as it’s also known, is a really sweet edible sugar dough made from sugar and glucose. Gum paste gets completely hard and shouldn’t be confused with fondant which stays softer.  Gum paste is edible; just be careful when you bite into it because it gets hard!

Gum paste should not be used to cover whole cakes, but you can use it to mold flowers and leaves, or to create other cake decorations.  It can be used for making larger cake decorations that should be able to stand up on a cake and for larger flower arrangement cake decorations used on wedding cakes, for example. Fondant is better for making small flowers and other smaller cake decorations.

You can color the white gum paste with gel food coloring, or you can purchase it already colored – just like fondant.

Also like fondant, you can make your own gum paste but the commercial gum paste actually lasts longer when you have to store it.

Featured Image: Temperley-Inspired Cake and DIY Brooch Cake by sweetfacecakes on Flickr, Commons 2.0

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