Robot Arm ‘Tastes’ With Engineered Bacteria

A robotic gripping arm that uses engineered bacteria to “taste” for a specific chemical has been developed by engineers at the University of California, Davis, and Carnegie Mellon University. The gripper is a proof of concept for biologically based soft robotics. “Our long-term vision is about building a synthetic microbiota for soft robots that can […]

More stuff = more climate change?

Scientists know greenhouse gas emissions cause climate change, but what causes greenhouse gas emissions in the first place? We assessed how many greenhouse gases are released to support the lifestyles of people living in different parts of Europe – in other words, we figured out people’s carbon footprint. We found that different lifestyle choices resulted […]

Outsourcing: Not dead, but evolving thanks to the cloud

Outsourcing isn’t going away any time soon, but new technologies and business needs are altering the way it is used. Reports of the death of outsourcing may be exaggerated, but instead of simply ‘outsourcing the problem’ organisations are getting more sophisticated about how they buy IT services. Global outsourcing market revenue will grow just four […]